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60% Wood Keyboard Case - IN-STOCK EXTRAS

60% Wood Keyboard Case - IN-STOCK EXTRAS

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Extras are finally here! These are left over from the 60% Group Buy that just ended.


  • Feet not included with case. 
  • Case will include a 5mm deep battery well, not pictured. 

Introducing the 60% Wood Keyboard Case. Perfect for tech enthusiasts who appreciate the inherent beauty of natural materials. Natural variations in color and grain of wood are to be expected. Wood case is finished with Danish oil to protect the wood while accentuating the grain. 

Many custom options are available. Choose between walnut, cherry, maple, and oak wood types. Also choose your top edge profile style, and whether you would like brushed brass or aluminum accents on the sides and USB cutout. Please note that the 3 variants shown in the photos are just examples. There are many more combinations available.

We partner with local shops in the region, many of which are small and family-owned. All cases are made in the USA and are hand-assembled in-house. 


Dimensions: 12 x 4.5 x 0.9 in (30.5 x 11.4 x 2.4 cm)

Included Parts:

  • x1 Wood Case
  • x6 PCB Screws, M2x4mm (for use without o-rings)
  • x6 PCB Screws, M2x6mm (for use along with included o-rings)
  • x6 Standoffs, M2x4mm
  • x1 Assembly Screw, M2x20mm (for helping to insert standoffs)
  • x6 O-Rings
  • x4 SKUF Silicone Adhesive-Backed Feet
  • x1 SKUF Aligner

Mounting Style: Tray Mount

Case Profile: High

Compatibility: Fits most 60% PCBs

Battery-Compatible: Yes


Do not allow item to get wet. If it does, please wipe off all liquid immediately. Oil finish is easy to touch-up in the event of scratches or dings. Simply sand the affected area, then rub a bit of oil into the wood. Allow to dry at least 24 hours before using. 

Do not expose the item to extreme temperature changes or humidity. Since wood is a natural material, item may be prone to warping. 

Do not use water, soap, or other cleaners. Wipe gently with a microfiber dust cloth. 


This item is in-stock, so it will ship within our normal processing times. PLEASE DO NOT combine in-stock orders with Group Buy orders, unless you are okay with receiving all items together.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David Yow
Quality Board!

These cases are beautiful and of high quality. Extremely happy with my purchase.

Drew B
Great feel and finish

A+ quality overall. This case inspired my first 60% build (DZ60RGBv2), I'm happy how it turned out. I opted for Walnut / Chamfered / Brass: the walnut feels awesome, great job sanding on all edges. Mounts are sturdy and in the right spots, the metal inlay for the cable is a nice touch. The brass accents on the sides of the case aren't fully flush with the wood, not a criticism but adds texture - I find myself fidgeting with it, it's satisfying. Looking forward to a TKL or 1800 case!

Lovely case!

First off, it’s beautiful. But you can see that. What you cannot tell is that the option to add or remove standoffs makes this case a big step up for tray mount. You can easily make this case feel and sound top notch!