At Null Design Co, we believe in the transformative power of a blank canvas as the foundation for creativity. In computer science, "null" signifies the absence of value, a concept we embrace, believing that true meaning doesn't exist until we create it. From this conceptual void, we craft meaningful designs that resonate and inspire.

Located in Philadelphia, PA, Null Design Co is dedicated to creating products for the productivity space that seamlessly blend modern minimalism and technology with traditional artisanal craftsmanship. Null was founded in 2023 by Sarah Nellis, who brings many years of experience in industrial design, woodworking, and CNC operation to her craft. Our designs aim to simplify life, bringing organization and elegance to functional, long-lasting products. 

We are committed to demonstrating that organization and productivity can be sustainable, moving beyond the realm of the cheap and mass-produced. All our products are designed and hand-finished in the USA, with most items manufactured locally in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. Treated with a protective coating for enhanced durability, they are designed to age gracefully, for an enduring aesthetic appeal. This natural aging process allows for easy touch-ups, ensuring the items maintain their beauty over time.